While the internet has a global presence, the notion of internet security is quite regional. The transparency of security effectiveness is proven to be drastically more important in regions that have published significant privacy laws in recent years. The country in which YOU live, has its own level of appreciation for internet security as it pertains to the country in which YOU live.

But the internet has a global presence.

There are no passports, visas, or government assessments required to travel or traverse the internet.

In North America, the United States specifically, there is a significant amount of coverage and concern over whether to build “A Wall” – In order to stop those that have not obtained the appropriate assessments to which the United States Government deems required for entry into this country.

But the internet has a global presence. There are no passports, visas, or government assessments required to travel or traverse the internet.

While it may sound like I’m making a case for more rules and regulation across the internet, I think its important to acknowledge how effective or ineffective rules and regulations are in other areas. For example, in the United States – how effective/ineffective rules around immigration and gun control might be. Whether you argue effective or ineffective, one thing holds true. The truth is, the community is responsible for the effectiveness/ineffectiveness of anything. Any rules, regulations, transparency, culture, concern – the community drives the adoption of all these categories.

In this world, where the internet is global; our community embrace is the critical path to effective internet security. Because the community is the critical path to approach a greater maturity of security we, the global community, must participate and become involved in the depth and awareness of security challenges across the internet, not limited to the regional barriers.

Security, privacy, protection is everyone’s responsibility, not just the people with “security” in their job title. Because the global culture has embraced the use of computers and other forms of technology, the embrace of security should be synonymous with that technology use.

The community can enhance security in many ways.

In simple forms, appreciate the effort in which the community has developed ways for you the protect your password by learning about and enabling two-factor authentication.

In advanced forms, appreciate the security researcher community who, in good faith, will help to close security gaps in global products that you and I use on a regular basis.

You, as the individual are the greatest supporter of a successful community. Your impact is unmeasurable simply by you becoming involved. With a simple step forward of better password practices, locking your doors at night, ensuring your organization uses secure software development tactics – you are participating in the global internet security community.

Now, more than ever – this community must grow and expand, not titled as the internet security community; but as THE global community. Safe, secure and collaborating as one unified front. For the success of all global, regional and individual initiatives – why not, “Do the right thing.”? Take your step forward and become a contributor to the community that demands your help!

For more information on how you might engage in the community, the global community, here are some helpful resources:

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